The digital experience we offer promises to create an unforgettable immersive journey and give your projects a new dimension. We aim to make a lasting impression and make each project a unique experience.


With a perfect command of the emotional language and new technological tools, we know which levers to activate to trigger excitement and make the spectator's eyes shine. 

What technology?

Digital scenography

By adapting the scenography and making it immersive, the spectator is at the centre of the experience. We stimulate their senses with light and sound effects, as well as theatrical performances and projections to immerse them in a journey they will remember.


Giving life to media is the concept of mapping. This technique is a relevant digital solution to give volume to a decor and captivate the attention. Thanks to the projection of light, video or graphics on any support (a facade, a shop, a product or an object) the decor becomes a trompe l'oeil that evolves and changes the atmosphere during the experience. A unique service that gives relief to your projects and totally transforms a place.

Interactive Mapping

Even more than an immersion, the spectator is master of his decor. Thanks to tactile technologies or motion sensors, they can trigger an action, change the colour or the light. A truly interactive experience where the visitor is given the opportunity to choose his environment and become the actor of his own scenic space.

Interactive projection on glass

This service will dazzle the viewer with its futuristic dimension. The visitor will be able to browse a website, visit a catalogue, play a game, by touching a video projected through a window. A playful device that allows the viewer to participate and bring an interactive experience to the setting.

Virtual visit

Today, it is impossible to miss. This technology allows you to live an experience from a distance by interacting directly in the setting. This service can also be used at an event, for example to offer a virtual tour of a workshop and discover how a product is made, to immerse oneself in a work of art or to participate in a performance.

Immersive creation

More than a virtual visit, this device invites the spectator to dive into a work of art, which then comes to life. It is a real immersion in another dimension, stimulating the senses and creativity. The visitor then has access to the artist's jewel with which he becomes one.

360° video

This device offers the possibility of experiencing the whole of the piece. The spectator has the whole volume of the room at his disposal, to visualise the whole creation. They are immersed in a dimension that will stimulate their imagination and leave a mark on their mind.

For which event?

Product launch

To unveil a product, a campaign, open a season. New technologies are powerful marketing tools that can propel a product and set it apart from the competition.

Window and corner shop

To create a unique interactive space, playful and mark your visitors. Animations help to attract and maintain attention and thus to make a brand shine in the minds of visitors.


To convey a message, disseminate information, bond employees or promote your expertise and talents. Immersive experience gives weight to your message

Trade events, exhibitions

To present a brand, to announce new products, to establish its reputation. These interactive devices contribute to the success of


Step by step support

We build your project together, and put the best technology in front of it, the one that will best meet your needs. 

We think about the emotion you want to trigger, the message you want to convey.

We offer you our advice and know-how to develop a concept that belongs to you. Always keeping in mind that the unforgettable experience of a visitor is the key to our success.